Die Walküre, disc 2 (disc 4 of the entire Ring des Nibelungen)

I am trying to get this approved:


I would like this track name to conform to the other Preludes on the 14 CD set. All are called Prelude on the CD sleeves, including this one, but here a German translation is used, which is not conform with the sleeve indication, nor the other introductions to the other Acts of the opera.

See the sleeve here:

It’s already halfway through the voting period and you don’t have any no votes. Are you concerned it won’t pass? Is it urgent for some reason?

For a small change like this, I would suggest you go ahead and tag it and adjust that part manually. It’s still good that you’re fixing it in the database, it’ll mean if you need to retag in the future you won’t have to worry about it. But we’ve all been stuck waiting on the voting queue sometimes.

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