Determine Length?

How can I determine the length when it’s missing?
Isn’t that information is in the header, part of the saved data?

Saving / Reloading doesn’t ‘fix’ it :slight_smile:

…saving / reloading doesn’t fix it, but deleting from the left side window and then reloading does.

So something happened during loading?


In your screenshot it shows that there is also no nitrate data. What file format is this? Not for all formats can all this data get extracted.

If it works after saving it could also be that the something in the original file was broken so it could not bearded completely. It’s always worth checking the error log if something does not work as expected.

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Just plain old MP3…
Occasionally I’ve had problems with files being saved with near nulled names. Basically the only existing text in the filename is anything I’ve got hard coded into the script. Like the [brackets] around values.

I usually will scroll through the whole list to make sure I see real data and hadn’t run into this in the last few weeks so I kind of forgot about it.

When I looked at the tracks outside of Picard the tags were there.
Dropping the files onto Picard again would result in them moving from the cluster back to unclustered, but they still had no tags showing in the metadata box.

Actually deleting from Picard and adding them again … they would now have their tags all visible. So it appears to be something that happens during loading huge amounts of files, and rarely at that.

At least I can narrow it down to files that were written/created by “Radio Lover” that would rip from iTunes streams. Luckily I think I’m done with all those stashes of tracks now.

But if I have it happen again maybe I can come up with a way of duplicating it.

It could be that they are slightly corrupted and not written cleanly. Especially if they are all coming from a similar source.

Try loading them into an audio editor and re-save them. I’d put them into Audacity and export them. VLC has a convert option. There are MP3 test and repair tools out there too which may do a better job.

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