Descriptive album name?


since I have not edited a lot in the past year I am kind of rusty of how to title this album:
“Laura Mvula with Metropole Orkest at the Abbey Road Studios”

My first guess would be “At the Abbey Road Studios” and as Album Artist “Laura Mvula” with " Metropole Orkest",
but i would be fine with “Laura Mvula with Metropole Orkest” too.

And I would remove “Live” from release type since i don’t really know how a studio recording can be qualified as “live”

thanks for your input!

edit: fyi this is a re-recording of her debut album “sing to the moon” so i wondered if it should be in the same release group? there is only a relationship for live recording between releases, no re-recording.


That would get my vote, too.

Where does that come from, anyway? Only Discogs? Neither the cover, nor the Bowers-Wilkins page has it.

Some what arguable if it was a single session recorded at a studio, no overdubs, etc. We don’t know whether this is the case here, so I’d simply go with what’s on the cover … and remove „live“.

Definitely a new release group, because there are no shared recordings, these are new arrangements, etc. I don’t think we have a fitting RG-RG relationship, though.


FTR, I hadn’t seen this topic when I edited this stuff, both title and artist credit, to:

Laura Mvula With Metropole Orkest.


I agree with @jesus2099 having seen the back cover, though I’d like to see the spine