Dedication: properly part of "Written by"? Documentation?

When selecting a Work for a track titled
Concerto in A minor for Violin and Orchestra, op. 82
the suggestion box includes a work that is presented as
“Writers: Александр Константинович Глазунов, Leopold Auer”

There is the lack of usable transliteration to “Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov”, but let that go by as something that +95% of MB users will just have to live with till location is utilized to show an alphabet that the user is literate in.

Why are MB users being told that Auer co-wrote the Work?

A search in Documentation for Dedication gave me nothing.

Because that code just looks at all artist-work relationships, which at the time it was written, were all writer/arranger stuff. MBS-8328 is the relevant ticket :slight_smile: