David Buckley artist - plz help to sort things out

Here are two artists with similar names:

Movies/Games soundtrack composer

presumably production music composer, associated with the West One Music label

So far they are 2 separate entities (probably unmerged in the past), BUT if we look into BMI database here (long query for 1k records), then we can see then its probably the same person since we can see there tracks both from movies and production music albums (for example Angel has Fallen Cues from appr. movie or Across the Kingdom from Orchestral Adventure by West One Music). In BMI this artist have 2 IPIs where first - 00485766696 is for BUCKLEY DAVID JOHN and the second - 485766203 is for BUCKLEY JOHN SHOTO DAVID.

On West One Music he is credited simply as “David Buckley”:

“The Fall of the Man” track. Downloaded from Tidal track has composer tag field filled with “John David Buckley”.

John Shoto David Buckley looks like they are only doing compilations. Would be odd to have two identities on those shopping sites.

Try Discography - David Buckley and David Buckley - Soundtrack.Net I can’t see the compilations on there. Personally I think what you are seeing is someone trading on the fact he has a similar name to sell his own music…

I’d also ask how much music the real guy puts on on the West One Music label.

Okay… now I am confused. Why is there a West One Music label AND artist? I guess it is being made specifically anonymous. And lots of things labelled Soundtrack which clearly are not from film\show soundtracks…


Hate it when something gets stuck in my head :grin:

And that therefore links into the “other” spotify John Buckley Curiosity and Intrigue - Album by John Buckley | Spotify

Looks like I also have now followed a loop back to them being the same guy

Maybe he has split the Spotify\etc shops accounts between “real films” and “samples” due to who is getting a cut of the cash. I bet there are different contracts\payments on the film work.

What do you mean “compilations”? Just reuse music already released somewhere else? If so - nope. West One Music is production music library, completely another case.

As for discographies on official sites… Artist may not mention his works for production labels, but such cases are not rare. For example Benjamin Wallfisch, Nick Glennie-Smith or Jesper Kyd also produced some track for this label.

I made a ticket regarding this… Still arguable ofc.

As for soundtrack as part of the name - probably it was imported from digital stores through a-tisket.

You interview links you found clearly shows its the same person. If he is simply publish his works under different IPI/alias, i suppose its a common case.

Yeah, now I can see that these are library clips. New music. Didn’t realise that initially, but still left my post with original words as I evolved my curiosity in this one. :slight_smile:

So really that changes to “these are library clips, not full film soundtracks. A different type of output.”

When I poked a bit more I even found that OST label. As long as they don’t get a soundtrack type then I doubt it is an issue.

Right down to his mug shot in the article. Agree this is the same person.

Pretty sure that is just a payment thing. Film work probably has to give a cut to an agent. The library work could be more personal. I could see someone doing that just to riff on new ideas. No agent’s cut needed there. Splitting his BMI identity would make the accountant’s life easier.

The only query I would have about a merge is does he see this as a different project? Does he leave them off his own website biography due to them being kept intentionally at arms length as a different performer? Or is the website just made by his agent?

Should at least be linked as a “Also Performs As”. Though a full merge also makes sense. Others will no doubt have different opinions

Well, i’ll wait for more opinions and if not - then i will create a merge edit. I already done such merges in the past (cases when a person has several IPIs), so from my POV this is the same.

Again thanks for the interview link @IvanDobsky - it was the key moment here imho.

Agree with you there. Can’t get a much more clearer link than seeing the guy talking about his work. Post the merge link in this thread and I’d vote for it.

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Merge link: