Damaged Cover art - Error from mp3 diags or Picard?

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Hi everyone,

recently I discovered Mp3 Diags and I let it run through various MP3 files. There I noticed, that it shows files tagged from Picard as basically being damaged. When I “repair” them with Mp3 Diags, it basicall throws out the Cover art from the file. The cover is displayed at the original file without any problem beforehand.

As I don’t know how else I can show it, I have uploaded two images at https://imgur.com/a/JEaxGQk
The upper one is the file repaired from Mp3 Diags and the lower one showing the “errors” Mp3 Diag found with the file.

My common sense would now think, that Mp3 Diags somehow doesn’t work with the cover art correctly with this and some other (but not all) files which have been tagged from Picard.

I noticed in this moment, that the cover art inside is 4.53MB in size, basically doubling the file size of the mp3 as well (might change that in Picard I think).

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I have no experience with Mp3 Diags, but I just ran it over some files tagged with Picard and cover art and had no issues reported.

Are you sure the files showed without problems before tagging them with Picard? Maybe you could try setting Picard to “Clear existing tags”. This will cause Picard to fully rewrite the ID3 tags, which might fix existing issues with the tags.

To further debug this, could you make an affected file available?

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