Crediting Artists that worked on a Soundtrack

I was going to edit the release group artists for this release but I wasn’t sure how to order them, whether it should be by who is credited the most, by alphabetical order, or just use Various Artists?

Couldn’t find any documentation for soundtracks themselves, but the documenation for classical releases seems to match up the most.

Not sure about guidelines but in my experience:

We would follow the packaging if possible. Looking at the edit history it seems the credits on the OBI have been used so not sure it needs editing?

Packaging text can help with deciding whether it’s Various Artists as well - though if it’s the same few artists popping up over and over like in this one I would say it’s not VA.

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Ah I see, just checked the obi, and yeah seems that the user who did that followed the obi, so I’ll leave that alone unless someone has a good argument for it being changed, thanks, didn’t even think of checking the Obi. I’ll keep that in mind next time I check a japanese release.


If it comes from the obi, that contains some hype text, we are missing 光田康典, who is in the same sentence.

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True, I didn’t notice that, I’ll add that in once a pending edit has gone through.

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