Credit to a place that can only be an artist

I have a credit reading “Graphic Design by Hinckley Studios”, so I created the place Hinckley Studios, then remembered that I can’t give a graphic design credit to a place. I guess I’ll hack it and add Hinckley Studios as an artist? Any other ideas?

I’ve added companies (mainly visual arts studios, but sometimes law firms) as artists for this reason.


Heh. This is an actual music studio, but often these will be just companies and not actual recording studios, so they’re a better fit for Label than Place… not that it necessarily helps, if we can’t use Labels either. Maybe we should have mirror relationships for labels for things like these.


I think a way of justifying adding studios as artists is that when used in the context of “graphic design: ABC Studio”, it is used to denote ABC Studio as an organization and not ABC Studio the place. The organization uses the place (the physical space that the studio occupies) as their headquarters/place of work. So it makes sense to make artist entities for studios.


I agree with this re: not being a place, but I still think it would make more sense for it to be a label and not an artist, in that case.

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It makes sense to me to create it as an artist – after all, we have no problem with groups of musicians created as artists (ostensibly, a “band”). This is a group of graphic designers (who are also artists).


That makes a lot of sense.