Create a custom tag in Picard for added files


I would like to create a custom tag for any audio that is added to Picard then fill that new tag from “albumartist” if it exist.

I know it is possible with scripts but I am not thta advanced so if someone can give the proper line that would be great.


If I understand you correctly, you can do it by adding the following script to the scripting section of Picard (not the naming script):


If that isn’t what you wanted, please provide more information.

Yes that is what I meant, but your example does not do anything. Bear in mind that the custom tag does not exists, it needs to be added to the tracks then needs to be equal to the album artist.

I added the script to scripting section, then retsrated picard just in case. I added a song, the new tag field does not exists in the tags info.

That’s odd, because it works perfectly here. It should be triggered when the information is being looked up from MusicBrainz (listing in the right-hand pane). Once the files have been clustered and matched to tracks in the right hand pane, try doing a refresh and see if that helps…

Well what if there is no match from MB? I woulkd like this operation to run when the song is added, whether there is a look up or not.

It still does not work for me :frowning:

See the image please.

I tried $set(foldersort,%albumartist%) version too


Try changing %foldersort% to just foldersort (without the %). Oh, I just noticed your note that you did try that.

In that case, I have no idea what you’re trying to do. It seems like you’re trying to create a new tag without matching your file to a MusicBrainz entry. Perhaps Picard is not the right tool for what you’re trying to do.

I tried that as well.

Ok it seems like tagging scripts only works for MB matches :frowning: This is half use to me because most of the albums do not get match in my library, due to obscure music.

Thanks for your help.

The answer is simple. Add your albums to the MusicBrainz database. :wink: That way it will work for you (and others) and you’ll be contributing valuable information to the community – especially if you’re albums are obscure. Something to consider when you have some time available. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

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Sue I agree, I will work on it.


Thank-you. Any information you can add is greatly appreciated.

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