Cover from album and not from sampler


i want to cover my mp3 collection.
When I select the mp3 file and scan for the mp3 information. The program find always the sampler (for example "best of the 90’s " and not the album information.
I don’t want the cover from the “best of…”, I want the cover from the album or single.
In the options “Preferred releases”: album and single at the right, all other on the left.
Any ideas?


One way to get the right release is to use the LOOK UP IN BROWSER button. This lets you walk around the website until you find the correct release you want. Then you press the green TAGGER button that will push that data back to Picard.



Or even better - the real manual:

The whole thing is worth reading, but this is section 6 about the tagger button.


If you are just after an image to attach to the MP3 tracks you may want to look at this:

That project hooks into MusicBrainz, Discogs, Google, Amazon and many many others. If you just want an image and not too fussed if it is the exact perfect release it may get you quicker results.

Picard is about getting an exact match to the exact release.