Cover art. not appearing

i cant seem to get Picard to auto select cover art,it did at first i might have turned it of? explains the various cover art related options of Picard, maybe that can help you out?

Which version of Picard are you using ?

For Picard to be able to find release cover art:

  1. Cover art provider needs to be enabled in Options > Cover Art (CAA, Amazon, Whitelist, etc…)
  2. For CAA, ensure all types are selected (you may restrict types later)
  3. Ensure the release actually has a cover art from at least one selected provider (check on if the matching release has cover art displayed), for amazon, release needs to have a proper ASIN set, etc…
  4. Be sure to enable Metadata > Use release relationships, else ASIN will not be retrieved, you can check in the Metadata box if ASIN is present (if it exists on MB of course)
  5. Be sure you selected at least “Embed cover images into tags” in Cover Art options

If the cover art is appearing on MusicBrainz website but still not appear in Picard, you may enable Debug log (using -d command line option, or UI Help > View Error/Debug Log > Check Debug mode) to see what is going on. In the case of Amazon cover art, Picard may not be able to download a cover art image while it appears on the MusicBrainz website (Picard is not using the same way to retrieve images than the website).


I am facing this same issue. I have a CD purchased in India, which does not have any entries in MB or other archives. I added the information to MB, including cover art (on the MB website). But When I do “look up cd” in Picard, it retrieves the track information but not the cover art. As @Zas suggested, I enabled the debug mode and it shows the following output:

D: 11:23:07 Debug mode on

D: 11:23:19 Received reply for HTTP 200 (OK) (CACHED)
W: 11:23:19 Not enough data, skipping Image from
D: 11:23:19 Trying cover art provider Whitelist …
D: 11:23:19 Trying cover art provider CaaReleaseGroup …
D: 11:23:19 Last request to (‘’, 80) was 1601 ms ago, starting another one
D: 11:23:19 GET
D: 11:23:19 Received reply for HTTP 307 (TEMPORARY REDIRECT)

Sorry, I had to edit the bebug message to show only the error. I’m a new user so I can’t post more than 4 links :slight_smile:

It appears as though Picard is not able to download the cover art from Amazon (“not enough data”). I wonder why it’s not picking it up from the MB database? BTW, this CD does not have a barcode. Would that have anything to do with the problem?

The image delivered by Amazon is 1×1 in size, that’s why it isn’t considered.

For the CAA, you cut off the interesting part from the log; but it’s most likely the setting mentioned by @mfmeulenbelt here:


Hi @chirlu,

Yeah, since I’m a new user, the forum didn’t let me upload more than 4 links. What parts would be of interest? I can see if I can extract it and post again.

I went through the discussion you linked and made sure that the album cover added was tagged as “Front” (it was). So I guess the only thing that would make sense per that discussion is that the edits are pending? How would I know if my edits are pending? If I search for the albums I added I don’t see any obvious signs that there are any pending edits. Any help? Here’s an example of an album I added:

BTW, unchecking that “approved art” checkbox seems to have done the trick.

Hi @sudhird7!
You can see a ‘open edits’ link at the bottom right of the release page.
You can also see all of your open edits in the top navigation bar by going to My Data > My Open Edits.
Also releases/ entities with pending open edits are highlighted in orange.

I’ve left some notes on your edits, hope you don’t mind!

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I don’t mind at all! :slight_smile: I’m very new here, so anything I can learn will only help me contribute better to the project.


I spent a while trying to understand why I was not getting Amazon cover art attached to certain files even though it is clearly displayed in MB. I discovered that Picard 1.3.2 doesn’t correctly parse Amazon URLs if they are https. A simple change to the regular expression parser in picard/util/ fixes the issue. I checked the latest source tree and lo and behold the issue has been fixed by ‘barami’ in the past week, so I assume nightly builds will work correctly.


That’s not the only issue with Amazon cover art & Picard, Picard is using a kind of hacky code to get those images not the official API, and the MusicBrainz website is using the official API, so it happens that the website can show cover art from Amazon while Picard is unable to do it (and not only due to https/http issue that was fixed recently).

That said, using Amazon as a source of cover art isn’t that great, since often Amazon have crappy images, or images not even matching the album (worst case) or the release (most can live with that).

So, if you have an album with missing cover art, better upload it to CAA if you have an image matching the release you have (please no crap).

Picard 1.4dev has also a feature to use cover art stored locally.


Hi @Zas

I have the same issue with some releases, and I wonder why picard don’t uses the API instead of the hacky code that don’t work for every AISN ?

@Smeulf There is a planned death of the Amazon artwork at MB. The knives are already out. So the cunning trick is for those releases with Amazon art that are failing, login to MB and nick the Amazon image and upload to MB. Add a note to say it is Amazon art when uploading.

That way it solves multiple potential issues as a quick fix. And also is ready for when the Amazon Art support is abandoned.

Obviously it would be better if you can upload real scans from a real release, but that takes time. Nicking Amazon images is barely 60 seconds of work. Just make sure they are marked as Amazonian so people are aware of the dubious source.