Cover Archive is not updated for Front attribute

Hi guys,

On that release, when I added the cover art, I forgot to set the “Front” attribute for the cover.

Yesterday, I added the “Front” attribute, but it seems that Cover Archive is not (yet ?) aware of the change:

Is it because there’s a delay to notify Cover Archive about any change, or is it a bug ?

It says “front” now. CAA is a bit slow at times. The hamsters get overworked


Well, I’m sorry, but still redirects to and I still can see " “approved”:true,“back”:false,“comment”:"",“edit”:56703277,“front”:false " in the json result at

As a result, Picard won’t download the artwork as it’s set to front only.

Seems like we need more hamsters ^^

More seriously, how long should it take before the change is applied totally ? More than 24 hours sounds strange to me…


Hasn’t the edit got to be approved first? was auto applied, so no need for approval.

But maybe this one is blocking the process ? I doubt.

Strange. When I look I see this:

I have been told before that Artwork is available immediately it is uploaded, even if it is still pending. I’ve been slinging new artwork up myself today and that all downloaded via Picard just a little bit later even though none of it has been approved yet.

We had cases in the past where the CAA got stuck for certain images and so e discussions around those cases here in the forums. I think there is also a ticket for it. I can’t find the relevant discussions right now.

In the json file : “edit”:56703277. This is the initial edit for cover creation.

I agree this is strange, the last edit seems not propagated. I think there’s some kind of replication, grabbing or any mechanism I can’t understand that is not completed…

What about adding a new front at first place and remove the actual one ? Anyway if it works, it won’t solve the problem, just fix this particular picture.

It’s better to ping @Bitmap in these cases. He can either directly poke the servers to deal with this or poke IA people to handle it. Uploading duplicate data is not good. :worried:


Thanks @Freso

Found something interesting : I added a comment a few seconds ago and it was replicated after a few seconds, including the “Front” attribute. So, looks like there’s definitely something wrong when just changing the cover type attribute.

I still have a problem with picard and this picture, maybe some sort of caching problem, I keep trying to figure out what’s happening.

I have an another release not correctly updated, @Bitmap if you want to take a look :