Could someone explain a couple of things about the picard right hand pane please?

1 - why are some CDs silver and some gold?

2 - I’ll see a thing like “Awesome album 0/14, 1 image” - Why is it listed if I have 0 out of 14 tracks? What does it mean “1 image?” where is the image coming from?

3 - Is there any way to tell it to just save all the green matches so I can put them aside and come back to the yellows later?

Any help is much appreciated, thanks

  1. Gold means all tracks on that release have been matched with the files you have

  2. the image source depends on your settings in options, but probably the cover art archive. Not sure why a release would load if there are 0 matches, though

  3. not to my knowledge. Could be a useful feature! (There is a plug-in to let you automatically save complete albums, i believe - meaning the gold ones)

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The plug-in removes perfect albums from the right pane, because they don’t need to be saved. A perfect album is gold, without an asterisk. The asterisk means there are tags coming from MB that are different from the tags in the file.


Important clarification, thanks

if you only wont to save the gold albums and you dont wont a plug-in you can hold a key and then left click the gold ones then click save after they are all selected. on mac the key is apple or command depending on how old the keyboard is. on windows i think the key is the ctrl key