Could somebody help me solving the issues when I try to create a new artist page?


Hello, let’s first introduce myself. I am new in music industry. I founded my label last year. So far there is only one artist working with my label and released my label’s first CD album two weeks ago. Now, I would like to create an artist page for my artist at this page but I get issues I cannot solve:

The first issue I experience is, that the submit button (Enter Edit) does not work for me, nothing happens when I hit it.

Also, I like to know where and how to get an MBID for my artist, and how to get an IPI and ISNI code for my artist.

Could somebody help?


Is the ‘submit’ button grayed out, or can you press it, but it doesn’t do anything?
The first one means you haven’t filled in all the necessary fields (artist name, artist sort name), the second would indicate a bug.


Hello and welcome,

This button is disabled if one of the form fields either is missing or has a incorrect value. Required fields have bolded title (Name and Sort Name), incorrect values trigger a red-colored error message. If you cannot identify any error, please attach a screenshot and identify your browser version.

This will be auto-generated once the form gets submitted.


Thank you so much @aerosol for your help! I did not think of a sort name the first time I tried to fill in the form, so now I filled in a sort name and was able to submit the form!

Now at the moment, I am trying to add a track list, but I get error all the time, it says that I have not filled in a valid track artist known at this site, but I did submit in my new artist page… could you be of further help?


Thank you so much @Yvanz for your help! I now was able to submit the new artist form! Cannot wait until I receive the MBID code!

At the moment, I am trying to add a track list to my artist, but get Error all the time, it says that I do not have added a valid artist known at this website to the tracks, while I did add a valid artist and submitted the artist page form… Would you know what I have to do now?


You won’t receive it, but it is already available in the artist page, in the Details tab (and in the URL).


Aaaaah I see :slight_smile: I refreshed my artist page and now it indeed has an id :slight_smile: I guess now I can finish the album and tracks list! Thank YOU



Welcome to MusicBrainz. Thank you for adding this new Artist and Release to MusicBrainz.

You might want to take a break for 12 hours and come back. When you add a new Artist to MusicBrainz, it takes some time before this Artist is reflected in the indexes. So, until then, when you type the new Artist name in the Release Artist field of the Add Release page, MusicBrainz can’t find the new Artist. That means you are trying to add a Release without a Release Artist, and MusicBrainz prevents that.

You don’t have to wait. There is an option in the search results menu to do a “direct search”. The direct search bypasses the indexes, and can find an Artist which you just added. However, if you don’t see the direct search option quickly, it might be easier simply to wait for the indexes to discover the new Artist entry.

By the way, when asking for help, it is good to put in links to what you have done. That way we can look and offer advice.

Is Anita Samsom the Artist you are working on? Or, Artist/2410d, to use the MBID, abbreviated?


As this might give the impression (in particular to a new user who doesn’t know the ways yet) that it is common to abbreviate MBIDs in that way: It definitely isn’t. You should always use the complete MBID.


Thank you so much for your kind help :slight_smile: Yes Anita Samsom I am working on right now, am registering at this website her original works right now.


You got the MBID part answered, but it seems like no one stepped up to answer about the IPI and ISNI codes.

IPI and ISNI ids are not assigned by MusicBrainz, we just allow editors to “link” artists to those ids if they happen to have them. IPIs are assigned by CISAC and ISNIs are assigned by I have no knowledge of what you’d need to get registered in either database to get those ids.


You are so very thoughtful, to remind of the IPI and ISNI :slight_smile: I even already had forgotten about it, struggling all day to get my artist page right. I just discovered that I can add the ISRCs to the tracks at going to the artist page, then click the tab recordings, then click the track you want to edit, then click edit, then you see a field where you can insert the ISRC code. I think the ISRC offers enough copyright protection so no real need to also register at the other organizations? I could be wrong of course and would love to get feed back about that topic.


It is a lot faster to submit all tracks at once from the :cd: CD. But it sure becomes a little bit techy stuff.


Pasting in the MBID/artist page url will fill these fields right away as well I believe.

Just making sure we’re all on the same page, MusicBrainz is an open source database with volunteer driven content. Although it gets used by some ‘big guys’, nobody here has any kind of industry oversight, nor do you have to have your artist registered on MB for © reasons or similar.
That said it is a group of extremely knowledgeable people so perhaps someone can answer your question!


Hi @jesus2099 :smile: Yes that is far too techy stuff for me! But thanks anyway for the suggestion, I am sure that it can be of use to other members!


Thank you @aerozol and cheers to you too and have a great day! :sunny: