Could not load album ssbsbdbf-sndnn5-dffhgh


I keep getting this type of response in Picard when I try to look up an album.

What is this?


Is it in response to an album that was previously tagged and had an album ID embedded in the tags? I had this when I re-scanned some albums that were originally tagged years ago. In the interim some of the albums had been merged with other releases, and I needed to look up the new release and match the album to it. If it’s not the case, can you give a specific example of an album that fails to load?


It might also be that the release is just failing to load because of some issue with the web service.


Yes, to both of you. I didn’t check, but when I originally ripped the album, k3b put some sketchy info into the tags (at the time, I had preferred to name the files manually, as I had had very bad results with the naming of classical tracks, oftentimes completely false, inconsistent across discs in a set, etc). There could be conflicting tags. And, yes, considering that it is Saturday, it is highly likely that the server is very busy. I’ll need to be more patient :wink:

I am very pleased with the accuracy of the tagging and file naming through picard and the painstaking work that volunteers have and continue to contribute that makes this possible. It is sometimes slow going, but the results are perfect!