Could anyone do a favor and add an edit of a CD?


I bought an audio CD which I want to rip, but I can’t get full metadata because it’s kind of niche, I guess?

The CD is this one:

I have made edits on the website myself, but they were simple title/artist records. How to do this one, I have no idea.

Photos of CD:

This is purely a personal request.

If this is not the place to ask, mods please tell me and remove this post.

Thank you.

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I have added it thanks to your scans and Discogs link:

Please review and fix and, most importantly, add your disc ID and set track times.


Jesus saves, wow :smiley:

Thanks, I believe I added the disk ID correctly, can you check?

P.S. Could you please also add genre/style, because I can’t find how to edit/suggest that.


Ach, @Lotheric already added it!
Please vote this release merge edit and please add you disc ID to this merge target.


We kinda did at the same time to be honest :slight_smile:


Would it be better to perhaps delete one release? Because it’s gonna take time for it to merge?

Edit: I can’t vote yet :frowning:

You should be able to tag your release using the version from jesus (the one that has the discID attached to it)…

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I’ll attach the disk ID to your release, also :slight_smile:

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it’ll be attached to it once it’s merged.

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But track times (including milliseconds) won’t be set, so please @Dedmytas do it again on Lotheric release (merge target release).

You can do it by looking for the only text input field in the release right hand sidebar. :wink:

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Done, I added the disk ID to @Lotheric release.

Edit: quoting is really hard :frowning:


Once you add a disc ID, then go to the release Disc ID tab and press the Set track durations link (here, Lotheric did it for you). :slight_smile:


Thank you, both of you are amazing.