Correcting edition titles leads to wrongly titled edition groups

That’s an issue bothering me for a while now.
It often happens that you have to fix a title of an edition. Sometimes it’s just a typo, sometimes you have to add, change or remove a sub title.
If you don’t think of fixing the edition group manually, too (and that happens quite often), the title of the edition group will be wrong, or at least different from the edition title.
I think we need a warning when you submit an edition after changing the title. Something like: “You changed the title of the edition, do you also want to change the title of the edition group?”

Unfortunately this can’t be done automatically, because editon group titles in many cases have to be different from the edition title: e.g. editions of the same edition group may have different sub titles.

The maintaining of correct edition groups will be a difficult task, I’m afraid.


Totally agree. The system currently relies heavily on contributors with excellent memories.

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Yes, that would be a useful improvement indeed.
Something as simple as what MusicBrainz does with a checkbox under the Release Group select:

Just created this ticket: [BB-663] Add option to copy Edition name to Edition Group - MetaBrainz JIRA


Yes, this would be very helpfull indeed.

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Another thing that would be handy in relation to Edition Groups is the ability to nominate Type on the Edition. At present the Edition Group is automatically created from the Edition but it requires a further edit to the Edition Group to update the Type. It is something that I always forget to do until I review my revision list.

I think stating Type on the Edition eg. Book, Leaflet, Newspaper, Magazine, Journal is equally relevant. The information could then be automatically transferred to the Edition Group.

Well it could in my computer programming world where anything is possible!


Yes I’ve wanted that for a while too, but the complications on the code part have kept me at bay so far.


@mr_monkey I was just working on this and got a bit confused about what exactly the issue is, could you please clarify little more.

does the check box exist whenever we change the edition, to change the associated edition group?

Yes, when we change the title of an already existing edition, we need an option to adjust the title of the related edition group.

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