Copyright and phonographic copyright AR with the same start and end year will now display "in <year>"

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I’ve noticed that copyright relationships which have the same start and end year will now have the word “in” followed by the year. This used to just display they year in a bracket but now it looks odd. Is it possible to just display the year for those two ARs?


You have to click Display Credits Inline on a release page, as it’s okay with Display Credits at Bottom, or to go to a recording page to see this.

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It still displays the “in” for relationships on the release level, though.

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Indeed my example did only contain phonographic copyrights.
Here is an example for the release copyright (in 1997).


Usually, when you notice some bug, you have noticed it on some page.

Please provide example URL right away, which should take no time because you are already there.
Otherwise someone else has to lose their time.


I noticed that this morning as well. It looks odd on copyrights.

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