Copy recording relationships to another

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Hi guys !

I have spent some time to add all the instrument credits on a release and now I realize that I will have to do the same for each track.
Is it possible to copy all the credits from one release to another ?

Here is the recording I have already created :



Not through the site itself, but I think @jesus2099 has some sort of script for this, so let’s see what people offer! :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I don’t have that in store…

No problem, I thought you could save me oh Jesus :slight_smile: thanks for the reply !

Nevertheless it’s common to see releases with all the tracks credits filled in. Do people fill in every thing by hand or is there a better way to do it from the beginning ? For instance by using tracks or release or something else rather than the recording…


Yes, in general we would use the release relationships editor where we can batch edit relationships among works and recordings of the release.


For which there’s a guide here!


BUT, it is worth noting…
If enter the individual song/recording credits, the credits will appear for other uses of the song/recording - such as on a Greatest Hits album.
Which is not something that happens when you enter credits for the entire album. I mean, wouldn’t be nice to enter them once and have them appear on

  • Album US vinyl version,
  • Album US CD version,
  • Album US digital version,
  • Album UK version,
  • Album anniversary reissue version

All of which are usually the same album usually with the same personnel.

Releases may not all share the same exact tracklists and same booklet photos, etc. It would be too dangerous.

It would be nice for tracksets but I don’t think it will be done as tracklist entities themselves, that could be used for that, were abandoned, as too complex for editors.

It would be helpful to be able to copy/paste relationships, somehow.

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