Contributing without Errors

Greetings. I am a US Federal Regulatory Compliance Officer Recently assigned to a Publisher and Record Label. I am attempting to add artists and their recordings/releases and as this is a new industry much of the information requires a significant amount of data providing you are familiar with it. I recently started to compile data and have control of all the data elements and music recordings for the artists as of specific issuance date of their ISRC Code. Is there anyone that could lend me a hand and provide the necessary newbie guidance, it appears I may be struggling with relationships or the entire process that has so far resulted in the artists being deleted according to the email I received. it is the mission of the assignment that these artists be properly reported and that I obtain acoustic id for each the items of their sound recording catalogs. the publishing company has tasked me with developing a compliant process however I have discovered that not all of their records are located in a single location, and or that information is readily available, or accessible. I selected the MusicBrainz Community based on my evaulation of being most reputable. I fear I am out of my comfort zone with this and am reaching out for assistance. If an editor or anyone would be willing to assist me in learning the system I can provide the link I received for one of my failed attempts. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



If Edit #112745363 - MusicBrainz is the edit that you’re talking about, I suspect that the artist entity that you added was automatically removed after a few days due to not having any other data (releases, recordings, URLs, etc.) attached to it. (The server should’ve displayed a warning at the top of the artist page warning that this was going to happen.)

It looks like your second attempt at Kristophr Ryan - MusicBrainz still exists (due to having a standalone recording attached to it).

If you have any questions about how to do specific things, just go ahead and ask them in this forum (or on ChatBrainz) and other editors will probably be happy to try to help.


Simple tip - add a Release first. And that will have something the artist is then tied to and therefore will not get deleted.

An artist on their own without any other links will tend to get automatically removed. Once they are linked to something they ain’t going anywhere.


Welcome, @KRMC ! It is great to have someone with access to good data who wants to add that to the database in a constructive way.

I second @derat’s suggestion that you simply post questions in this forum, each question in a new Topic, and let the friendly people here advise you.

If you have a lot of entries to make, are you interested in automating the process any? There are various tools you can use to make data entry more efficient, ranging from organising your data with spreadsheets to clever use of MusicBrainz Picard software to writing TamperMonkey scripts in JavaScript. What skills do you have with such tools? Consider opening topics about automation techniques as you get to that point.

But above all, welcome!