Consolidate the release types?

Hi there.
Please take a look here:

I’d presume we can consolidate the release types, either all are “Album + Remix” or all are “Album + Compilation + Remix”. Which one is the correct one?

Compilation means - these tracks have been previously released. With remixes that would mean that actual remix is already out there as, for example, a single.

A quick look through those they seem to be Album + Remixes to me. He is clearly changing the tunes to something different and releasing them in that format for the first time.

If any of those albums are “Here are my best mixes from my earlier albums”, then it would be a Album+Compilation+Remix.

A DJ Mix is where the tracks are played as originally released by the original artist, with the mix being how they merge into the next track on the Album. I don’t think that is what is happening here.