Confused about Works

“Excrementory Grindfuckers” have a parody/cover version of “The Final Countdown” by Europe called “The Final Grinddown”.

In the “works” tab from “Excrementory Grindfuckers” I find exactly how I’d expect a work called “The Final Grinddown” with a relationship “parody version of ‘The Final Countdown’”.

But the “works” tab also shows the original work “The Final Countdown” from Europe.

What is the correct way to do this?
How does Europe’s work even get there?

ok, I never noticed before that these works get autocreated/linked when you add a relationship to a recording.

so to sum this up, the additional work called “The Final Grinddown” is wrong, because it all happens in the original “Europe” work, correct?

Is THE FINAL GRINDDOWN different from THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (different lyrics, for instance)?

  • If different, those recordings should only be linked to THE FINAL GRINDDOWN work and not to THE FINAL COUNTDOWN and the link(s) to it were just some mistakes.
    You can unlink THE FINAL COUNTDOWN from recordings.
  • If same, we should merge THE FINAL GRINDDOWN into THE FINAL COUNTDOWN and only keep the cover relationship between the recordings and this EUROPE work.

It seems that The Final Grinddown is a partial cover with very subtle differences in the lyrics, for example “grinddown” instead of “countdown”. However, I think it’s right to create a new parody work as has been done here. The modifications in the lyrics are enough to not follow the idea of the old lyrics.

Currently a recording is incorrectly linked to both works.


@SigHunter Adding to the previous comments, the edit to remove this relationship would actually have been correct.


thanks for all your replies! this helps a lot to clear up that “mess”