Confused about the status of an edit

This edit is listed as both status open and as already expired:

It also says it was supposed to apply when it expires (at least, that’s what I thought “Conditions: Accept upon expiration” meant).

Looking at the edit history, also has a similar open edit on the same work, (which I just voted for, hoping that gets the logjam to clear).

Is this some bug that needs reporting? Or am I just confused about what’s supposed to happen?

It does look odd, I would open a ticket for it. They both say “Already expired” so not sure what is going on there - might be the server needs to catch up, perhaps??

Edit: And the edit by ListMYCDs is very old – April24…something NQR

I had one like this. If it’s the same problem, it’s a known bug.

Doesn’t seem like it’s that—both of these edits are to delete a relationship. Not edit a credit.

MB wants to avoid destructive edits when possible. So removals tend to absolutely require 3 yes votes (and unanimous ones).
The expiry just means that it won’t fly through immediately without the chance for people to vote no; that window has passed now (and may get reopened if the edit gets a No vote, not sure), but it still needs more (unaninmous) Yes votes.

Anyway, I added a Yes vote. 2 more to go :slight_smile:

That’s not true. Even destructive edits are applied at the end of the voting period if there are no “no” votes (unless the data quality is high, but that’s rare). The three unanimous votes just close the edit before the seven-day period is over. It’s all explained here. There used to be a handy table somewhere with all the periods, but I can no longer find it. Luckily the link I posted has a pretty but very confusing flowchart for y’all to admire. :wink:

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Could’ve sworn there were relatively recent changes to how destructive edits worked. But maybe there were only discussions and not actual changes, in which case this would indeed be a bug.
Still wouldn’t hurt to get the edit 3 Yes votes.

Just noticed the listmycds’ edit now has 4 votes and still hasn’t gone through so, yeah, a bug.

Destructive edits do not apply as soon as they get 3 votes. There is a 2 day security.

Sure, but that’s not really relevant if the edits in question are already past their 7 day mark(s), which is what this topic is about. :wink:

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Yeah, I can confirm this is a bug. We actually get emails every hour about edits that are failing to apply (another is edit #38265250), but I’ve been busy with schema change work due on May 16th, so I haven’t been able to fix these yet. Sorry about that.

If you’re curious what the issue is, it’s that the relationship being removed is used as an example in


Ah, thank you for the explanation. I was about to open a ticket for this—do you still want me to?