Confused about some relationships


I usually add relationship to recordings and works from Discogs, but they have some types of releationship that I cannot find on MusicBrainz.

Most of them are “contractor”, “leader” and “toy”, I have no idea what those are. There are also some types of relationship that have extra information on them that it’s not possible to put it on MusicBrainz, so I don’t know how to proceed. For example: “Recorded By [Additional Vocals]” (should I just put “recorded by”?), “Engineer [Vocals, Additional]” (there’s no sub-category of engineer that describes this) and also “Producer [Vocals]” (what’s the difference between vocals arranger and vocals producer?)

Sorry for the trouble.


That seems to be literally a children’s toy. I’d use “other instruments” with the free text credit “squeaky toy”.

They seem to all be violinists, so it’s probably “leader” in the idea of “concertmaster”.

:confused: No clue.

The “vocals” bit needs to go on the annotation, I’m afraid - you’re right that we don’t have a good way to indicate it. Additional can be marked normally.


Thank you, I just updated it. :slight_smile:


Nooo, please campaign for it to be added to the official ‘instruments’ list :joy: :joy: