Confirmation needed: remixes added properly?

Could someone please confirm whether I entered the remixes correctly here?

This LP has remixes of three songs that are elsewhere on the LP. The remixes are entered as recordings/versions and then I added relations “remix of” on recording level from the remixes to the originals.

Should the remix recordings get a work linked to them as well?


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Looks fine to me. I can’t comment on your last question.

A couple of small suggestions:

  • some extra title information (like “remix”) is generally entered in lower case (at least for English listings), i.e. “This Visual Hex (Enstöring remix)” rather than “This Visual Hex (Enstöring Remix)”
  • it would be nice if you could add who has done the remix using an artist relationship of type “remixer” (you can do this conveniently from the bulk relationship editor)
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Yes, it links to the original work it is based on.

Example, notice CD2 here includes remixes of CD1:



One minor issue - now that you’ve changed “remix” to lowercase could you sync the track and recording titles please? Click “Edit”, go to the “Recordings” tab and tick “Copy all track titles to associated recordings.”. I recommend you install the mb-INLINE-STUFF userscript written by @jesus2099 as (amongst other things) it highlights these discrepancies:



Thanks all for the help. I fixed the casing on the recordings.

I am going to have a look at those scripts, thanks!