Complete label name change (as a statement)

An electronic music label mostly known as “Whities” has changed its name to “AD 93” following a statement:

As this is not a minor change, but a complete overhaul, even with hints of change in the label’s direction, I tentatively suggest creating a new label and leaving the old one as the imprint for archival purposes, just like Discogs did: vs

As of now, the label’s name has been changed on MB regardless, but I think that is not an optimal decision when considering archival purposes - all in all, the first 30+ releases have been publish under the old name.


I’d rather revert the rename:


Following this I also restored links that had been removed.

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Shouldn’t this just be a new label with the renamed into relationship and the date they changed everything on both, like how Warner Bros. Records into Warner Records was handled last year?

Like @chaban did in edit #72336185?

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