Complaint about an editor

Can same one please have a look at this edit:

Maybe I have made a mistake but are editors allowed to speak this way?

If this editor is right he can abuse a lot of people here:

Still think there should be an ignore button some wehere

Greets Tiske

btw: This is the second time I made a complaint about this editor


thanks for bring this up that comment was not useful or respectful. @reosarevok is this something can help with? :slight_smile:

The choice of words by @theless may be wrong, but looking on the editing history he many times repeatedly asked @Tiske_Tisja to fix wrong information or at least not enter wrong information in the database. @Tiske_Tisja ignored all his complains.

As I say, @theless may have been too emotional, but before judging him, let’s look on the whole history. Repeatedly entering wrong information, ignoring complains and going personal on those who criticise your edits (@Tiske_Tisja in this edit ) does not looks like a cooperative behaviour as well.


Alex, if some one lets me know I made a mistake, I will solve it. I have always done this look at my other edits. if and when this editior spoke to me in a normal way I would have changed the edit. But no way that some one speaks to me like that and axpects me to listen to them. If this is the way we treat each other then I will just stop with musicbrainz. I dont tolerate behaviour like this, not from my children and sure as hell not from a Keyboard hero on MB

ps yeah i have made the same mistake twice, and I’m sure I will do it again, still no reason to speak to me like that. It was not on purpose (?). I have fixed hundreds of mistakes in MB and never ever have spoken to some like The Less does. Will you look at those edits also please Alex


@Tiske_Tisja, as I written, I do not appreciate choice of words by @theless, but your reaction against him looks counterproductive to me as well. The approach “if you dare to speak to me like this, I will not fix errors, do it yourself” only escalates a conflict, not resolves it.

Looking on this edit where the longest discussion took place, you entered as a label “Universal Music B.V. (not for release label use! NL subsidiary of UMG)”. The disambiguation text explicitly tells “do not use this as a label”, @theless tried to explain this.

Several days later in this edit you entered the same pseudo-label as label again, this appears to trigger an impolite reaction from @theless.

I am not endorsing reaction of @theless, but in my opinion the whole history of the conflict shall be taken into consideration before MisicBrainz administrators make any harsh decisions, like locking user’s account. In your original post you asked to punish him, presenting only the last step of the conflict which, taken in isolation, looks like an unprovoked aggression from @theless. I provided a link to all relevant edits for a context.


I dont want you to lock his account but I would expect that some one lets him know that is not the way to communicate. Yes I have made the same mistake twice, like I said in my previous reaction. But I think you keep missing my point: I know what he was trying to tell me, I get that, BUT the way this person speaks to me is just not acceptable.

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@Tiske_Tisja, thank you for bringing up this behaviour. It’s good to have a chance to reinforce the community expectation that we behave politely to each other, and cooperate for the good of the project. However, there are now two editors whose behaviour is being discussed.

I am happy to add my voice to say that @theless 's comments in edit 74131876 and edit 75140670 are rude and not acceptable here. The following editors have also said that this is not the way to communicate: @alex_s7, @st3v3p, and @reosarevok (the MB Style Leader). Does this satisfy you that “some one lets [@theless] know”?

There is a link “Report this user for bad behavior” on the editor’s user page, , as is the case for all of us editors. Have you used that link to be sure your complaint gets to all of the right people?

So let’s turn to the second editor, namely you.

That is exactly the right attitude.

But do you, though? As far as I can tell, you have not corrected the labels for any of the Releases which @theless let you know about: Huil maar niet / Nergens goed voor, All I Forget / Instant Karma!, Dat komt door jou / Alles wat ik zoek, Tranen gelachen / Op straat, and Toen ik je zag / Op straat.

It’s important for the quality of the data that mistakes get corrected, even if the mistakes were pointed out in a rude manner. I have had to make corrections like this myself.

@Tiske_Tisja, you have been adding a huge number of Releases and improving many others. I think I see you have made 22,358 edits in the last 60 days. You are bringing a lot of facts from Discogs into MusicBrainz. I love this dedication! I hope you will not let this one episode stop you from making your contribution.

Best regards, —Jim DeLaHunt, Vancouver, Canada


Thank you Jim and all the others :slight_smile:

I will have a look at my mistakes

Have a good weekend all