Comparison of tags

Hi all,

if you look at the screen shot where i have added music in it gives me the columns for original tag info and new.
Is there away that when checking that it highlights in green for same tag and red for not the same.

so rather than keep looking side to side for example if the song was “lonely” on the original tag and then the new value was “lonely” it would highlight it green so i know its the same songs from that album etc.

Or highlight red if its wrong completely or orange if its same song just with different spelling etc

please advise

If you right click you can select “Show changes first”. There are already colours: I think they are green for new tags, red for deleted tags yellow/orange for changed tags.


The colours can be set in Options/Options/User Interface/Colours:


Thank you for your reply, i will try that now and see if it will do what i want


sadly it didnt work. if you look at my screen shot above , lets say i click on the original column fifth harmony, how do i get the new value tag to hightlight the same artist

if that makes sense

Only differences get highlighted. There are separate colors for changed (by default yellow), added (green) or removed (red)