Compact introduction to editing tracks


I have with a lot of help here in the forum now set up my Picard so that my collection is matched correctly and the tags are correct.

With the genres, however, in the data that comes from MusicBrainz some things are not correct.

I have already created an account and thought I can correct this in the database.

Is this not possible without further ado? I could not add a genre in the track.

Is there a complete introduction in the wiki for editing?

with best

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Yes please to contributing tags to the database directly, and then to your files :raised_hands:

Adding tags/genres is super easy, once you’re logged in. Check out ~10 seconds of this video from here to get the idea:

If you prefer setting track genres in your player, or already have your music tagged with genres (and are sure that the genres are correct and the albums are correctly matched in MusicBrainz!), there is a great Picard plugin by @Flaky that lets you quickly submit all the tags from your files. It is in Picard > Options > Plugins > Submit Folksonomy Tags

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Yes, I was looking for something like that as I maintain and correct the tags in my collection very well. A way to submit this then is perfect.

I will watch the video anyway. I’m interested to know why I didn’t manage to edit the genre. :innocent:

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Just so I do not make a mistake :slight_smile:

I have installed the PlugIn: “Submit Folksonomy Tags”. My account to MusicBrainz is already stored in Picard.

I have an album (Rock and Roll) that has no genre for 1/3 of the tracks although it is clearly Rock and Roll.

I load the album in Picard. Before I save, I add the missing genres to the tracks that don’t have any on MusicBrainz.

Now I select the album (not a single track) in Picard and:

Right click → PlugIns → Submit Tag to MusicBrainz (Release)

Because in this case it is a release.

Sorry if I ask stupid. I’ve been managing my music collection for a very long time and I like good tags. I don’t use MusicBrainz for a long time and I don’t want to write crap into the DB :slight_smile:

In this “environment” there is still the PlugIn “Submit ISRC”. What exactly do I do with it?

Sounds great!

What ‘Submit Tag to MusicBrainz (Release)’ does is submit the tag to the release. Selecting Submit Tag to MusicBrainz (Recording) submits the tag to each individual track (recording, in MB language). For (Artist)… you can probably figure out the rest :smiley:

If you want to be comprehensive you can go ahead and submit to both - I think the only consideration when submitting tags in this way are to be aware when some tracks might be a different genre, e.g. all the tracks are ‘rock’ and then a bonus track is ‘electronic’, or something like that.

I haven’t gotten round to genre-fying my music yet, so I haven’t played with it much.

ISRC’s are unrelated to tags - but if your files are from a identifiable source and contain ISRC’s then you can also submit them!

Not a problem! As @Aerozol said, if you choose the recording option, it saves your tags to the recording. This is good if you’re quite granular and precise with your genres. Just so you know, folksonomy tags work in a voting sense, upvote what you think is right and downvote the stuff that you disagree with.

It’s best to use the release or release group option if you have an entire genre, or genres, assigned to a release (e.g. Apple Music/iTunes style). A warning will appear if you try to submit release tags when the tags are different across the board. This is just to stop people from making spammy tags by mistake.

Another thing, the tag submission is very “dumb” in a sense, meaning you must submit your tags while either retaining all tags you have or removing all of them. I do want to try and fix this in the future so people can submit/remove tags without messing with the tags they’ve manually added via the MusicBrainz website.

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