Compact discs in 1963

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Just stumbled over this rare CD from 1963. I’m sure Capitol Records was always way ahead of the curve but this kind of edit should maybe not be possible. Is there a a report somewhere that lists Releases That Could Not Be?

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There is, this one. I think nowadays you get a warning if you try to set the medium to CD if the release year is too early, but it hasn’t always been the case.


ouch, 5275 premature releases🤓 Thanks for the link!

I am not sure this was ever released on CD until the “Greyscale” June 22, 2018 release which from comments appears to have been copied from LP. The album art appears to be from vinyl showing traces of the plastic wrap.

Yeah - clearly a typo. I’d just correct errors like that without question.

Discogs shows seven different Vinyl release but no CDs. So that rules out any Time Traveller sneaking the disk back in time…

Artwork clearly from the vinyl too.

Actually the bigger problem is to “blindly” use allmusic. The person entered what allmusic showed. I hate using allmusic as a resource and only use them as a last resort since they tend to lump artists of the same name (or sounding name) together.

Main Album: Too Late to Worry, Too Blue to Cry
Release Date: 1963
Label: Capitol Nashville
Format: CD

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For the record, here is the list of the first batch of CD release, on 1982-10-01 in Japan by either CBS/Sony or Epic/Sony :thinking: (I wonder why it gives me 1982 and 1982-10 releases as well):

In addition to @jesus2099

The first commercial compact disc was produced on 17 August 1982. It was The Visitors by ABBA.
The first 50 titles were released in Japan on 1 October 1982, the very first of which was a re-release of the Billy Joel album 52nd Street.

Talking about early CD.
Does anyone know the official name of the following early CD package?
I have this one at home, but there is no package name on it (not surprising of course).

From that edit of mine:
« I found a name once but no more and forgot.
Early days japanese case with some grooves that show that maybe it was made for jukeboxes or things like that.