Community Cleanup #4: Hyperion

I would put anything that’s associated with recordings (performers, producers, engineers etc) as a recording relation, and only put these as a release relation if it isn’t possible to definitely associate them with recordings. Liner notes and graphic design are definitely release relationships. (Although I see that graphic design is an allowed recording relationship I can’t imagine what it means as such.)

I’m not entirely sure what to do about existing release relationships that don’t add any information to the existing recording relationships.

Just get rid of them, unless you see a particularly good reason to keep them (only one I could see is “we’re not sure to what recordings they apply, so we put them at release level in general, and then on the few recordings we are sure they’re on”, but this seems a rare case that would be specified in the edit notes).

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@reosarevok, did you ever receive an answer from them?

If not, what about the existing PDF booklets on the cover art archive, should we start removing the links?

PS: I still update the dashboard from time to time, it seems we have ~100 new release during the sprint and a lot of cleanup (230 releases marked as high-quality)

No, but I also didn’t tweet since @MetaTunes had emailed already. @MetaTunes, did you get a reply?

I’m afraid I haven’t received a reply so far - a bit odd as they were quite chatty last year. Maybe my contact has left - I’ll follow it up.

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What to do with all of the sampler releases, like this one:
Ignore them? Add them (if so how)? They are download-only releases, so I guess the discussion at Digital releases is relevant too.

The website says he’s still there, so I’ve sent a follow-up email, with an update on progress.

I see no reason why they shouldn’t be added, but I’d also suggest to give them less priority than any other things unless there’s a good reason for you to add them (for example, you want to tag one!)

Great! Could this please be changed to just ‘instrument technician’ using the same instrument search field as artist\instruments, so, if ‘piano’ chosen, you get a ‘credited as’-overwrite on the word ‘instrument’? Not that ocarina technicians abound, but there may be for instruments other than just piano, or old ones set up for special recording, piano rolls, …


From time to time, I’m stumbling over relations like ‘Pronounciation Coach’ or similar ones. So far, I put them as ‘Miscellaneous Support’, do you guys know if there is something more adapted?

That’s what I’d do (make sure to list the specific thing in the annotation though)

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Which annotation? The one of the release?

Could you make a STYLE ticket for that? It sounds reasonable, but I need to make sure it can be made to work and the current relationships would need to be all bot-edited :slight_smile:

This is really great @loujin , but sometimes, for reasons I cannot discern, it doesn’t add the tracklist automatically and presents me with a manual entry screen instead. For example, Bowen: The complete works for violin and piano - CDA67991/2 - York Bowen (1884-1961) - Hyperion Records - MP3 and Lossless downloads.

Try reloading the hyperion website page and import again. The page loads the tracklist dynamically so my script waits 1sec before trying to read it but that may be too short sometimes (or change the 1000ms value at the end of the script).

Done: STYLE-932 - Widen ‘piano technician’ to ‘[instrument] technician’

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Adding this one:
Looks like none of these York Bowen works are in MB. Am I missing something?

Nah - we don’t have that much by Bowen in the first place. Just add the works.

I fixed the titles to follow CSG (mostly turning “Work Op X” into “Work, op. X”) so that when batch-adding the works the titles will also follow them, but I’ll let you do the rest for now, to try and avoid clashing like last time :smiley: (Bowen is in my list of composers whose releases I fix whenever someone adds one, usually :slight_smile: )

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Will do, although my editing is a bit spasmodic - as and when I get time. It would be helpful if there was a script that took selected items from a track listing and created works from them, with the title as name and the artist as composer relationship. (There’s 19 new works on that YB release). Parent works could then be added manually.

  • that’s partly a result of my spasmodic editing :wink:
  • and I see that you have also edited the recording artists for releases like where I had already done it - except that my edits had not gone through as they are subject to the voting process. I assume you used the “replace artists” script, in which case the effect will be the same, but I’m not sure what happens to my open edits when they have been pre-empted in this way.

You do that from the right pane ‘Edit relationships’ link. Then there, under Recordings, select all titles whose to-be-created Works share the same Work Type (if that Type is in that current list; f.i. Quartet is there, but Quintet is not. Also, do not use Quartet for movement parts of a parent Quartet and so on.). Then ‘Batch-create new works’. Works will be named after selected recordings, which is, it seems, why CSG practice allows for extensive Work-title conformation of Track/Recording titles, at least for Works not already present at MB.)

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