Community Cleanup #1: Debussy

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Oops, you’re right. My mistake…


I would like to see opinions and votes on I’m frequently making similar work merges and would like to see some feedback from the community.


My initial response was make the catch-all relationship and remove the separate samba work.

Then I thought "remove a samba work?"
Is that samba well categorised as an arrangement of CdL?. I think possibly that the samba is so far from CdL that it would be better said to be “based on” CdL and continue to be a stand-alone work.


I would like to see opinions and votes on It’s an issue about Series vs. Work…


I agree. The work is the full 12 etudes and they are numbered 1-12. Livre I is a series collection of some of the full work’s parts. Voted accordingly.
FWIW I recently entered Saint-Saens’ Book of Bach Piano Transcriptions as one book, although it is sometimes split into two (more debatable as it was composed in 2 main stages, I think) - I didn’t enter the 2 books as series, but that’s a thought.


Thanks for starting the discussion! I started another topic about this, because this isn’t only related to Debussy:


The month is half over. I’ve cleaned a few things every now and then, and it is amazing to see the edits coming in from all directions. But I have no idea how much is left. Does anyone have the global picture, what is the status of the progress bar? 50%? 80%? 5%?


There were 19 pages of Debussy recordings when we started, IIRC. There are 7 now, which sounds like great progress to me! :slight_smile: (plus I know a fair amount of new Debussy releases have been added too)


Oh, by the way: if you have found some very good (or very bad!) Debussy releases while working on this that got you all fired up, don’t forget you can review them on CritiqueBrainz :wink:


And link directly to Debussy on CritiqueBrainz, to save you a couple of clicks :wink: :


hi everyone! I’ve finally read the this thread (been working on debussy too)
seems I’ve found a crazy niche too, combining the horrors of Classical and Japanese!
But, anyway, I was wondering, do you think that the don quichotte in and are the same recordings? they are the same performers
I’m also pretty sure disc 4 on and have the same recordings too, similar times same performers, same label.

some more eyes and input would be appreciated!


Almost certainly the same recordings. Same performers and the same length (+3 seconds).

This review mentions both these releases:

“the “Don Quichotte” performance – Souzay made no other recording of the orchestral version”


Yeah, it is almost certainly the same medium, once in the 4CD release and once as a separate release. I’ve merged the recordings and also introduced the “included in” AR for the release groups (I hope this is the situation where it should be used).


That’s great, you could continue cleaning this one. Find label, cat#, barcode, cover art etc. That is one of the cases where I wasn’t successful (no surprise, by my inability do decipher that script).


sure, I’ll see what I can find of it :​​)

also I’d love more eyes on what do people think?
ftr, I agree with @reosarevok, obviously :​)


Thanks both of you! I’ve issued merges of the Don Quichotte recordings and voted on the merges of spitz.


After about 3 hours of research, I think I’ve found it: the second disc on have the same pieces with identical or near identical times. it is also the only thing I’ve found that is remotely a good enough match.

This still﹡might* be a standalone release, the original freedb (yes, I know) suggests that, there is no “disc 2” anywhere, which even in freedb is common (and especially by Japanese users, I would think?)
On the other hand, for having a name like “ピアノ名曲集” (Piano masterpieces collection) the omission of Suite bergamasque seems strange. (it is included on the 1st disc of
So therefore I’m going to just convert it to the disc 2 of this release, import the first disc and call it a day.

Should anyone with the original disc id actually come forward again, they can damn well create a new release and move the appropriate disc id there! :​p. anyway the recordings should be the same.

Unless anyone disagrees?


Wow, great work!

For those low-info entries, it is practically impossible to find out the exact release behind. There was some agreement that it is fine to transform these releases into something that makes sense, even if it might not be the exact version the original submitter had in mind.


There are two more releases which I was not able to identify:

I’ve put way too much time into them. If anyone succeeds in pinpointing one of them, I would also like to know how this was done, to improve my methods!


On Disc ID page there’s FreeDB ID calculated based on CD TOC. At you can make searches based on the ID. You’ll soon notice that FreeDB returns something that has “Jörg Demus, Tamás Vásáry” on the title. With these performer names you could find something like (durations match).

I guess this was originally added to wrong release group. Based on release group artist someone updated this to have the same artist.