Comedians performing at festivals - add or no?


I’m working on adding a festival, and I noticed there’s an entire stage dedicated to comedy performances. I’m hesitant about adding it since the performers are not musicians and most don’t have any MB-worthy content (that I’m aware of). Should I add said stage and performers or omit them since they’re not music?


I’m going to answer with a very useful “I don’t know”. @Freso, what would you do with a breakdancing or graffiti stage in a hip hop festival? I think I wouldn’t add those but I’m not sure.


I would probably add entries for things relevant to MusicBrainz. A lot of (esp. stand-up) comedians have released CDs, “audio books”, or have releases on Spotify/iTunes/etc., so I would say that these comedians are “MusicBrainz relevant”. If they performed at some festival, I’d say it’s then also relevant to MB to record this. “Non-MusicBrainz relevant” comedians performing at the same stage I wouldn’t create as MB artists just for the sake of the Event, but they can still be noted in annotation or (unlinked) in the set list.

Re: b-boying and hip hop events, I actually have added one of these:
For this, I only added the DJs playing though. I would also add DJs for other b-boying, writing, or similar hip hop events that do not per se feature the musical performance as the main act, but still has one.


That’s what I thought. So far I’ve only added a handful of comedians to MB, and IIRC they all appeared on at least one release (comedy album, audiobook, etc.)

I forgot to mention that a few other festivals I’ve added have other forms of non-musical entertainment as well (puppet shows, magicians, BMX stunt shows, etc.) but so far I’ve neglected to add them, since they’re not musicians or music-related in any way. I assume this is the correct course of action?