Color as a name?


This came up as a search result. I have no idea what it is, how it got there, or if we allow it. … and, how does one even do that?


Haha - that is a brilliant name!! And clearly “Artist Intent” so very valid for MB

Have a look back at the edit history for the band.

The first edit shows links to other sites confirming the odd characters used in the name.██████

Also all the other links use the same name - even their YouTube channel.

If you look at that link carefully you see how it is made up of raw letters. Using the % signs to enter the hex. Looks like the colour stripes are always in there. This is simlar to when you see people using funy characters in usernames, etc. There are lots of letters and symbols that don’t match the ASCII A-Z we are used to in the West.

Very clever - well, it is “Black metal”.


It seems to be (6 x) the Hex-Code e2 96 88 for the UTF-8-character “U+2588” or █


It is one of the fun sides of a database like this. They are an interesting band - if black metal is your thing. This post has now got me listening to them on YouTube. So it is a band name that works to bring attention.

Interestingly it works perfectly well as a file name. Totally legal text for Windoze. So I assume that Picard would be quite happy with this.

(I am trying to resist the temptation to change my username… hehe)