Collection results instead Album results

I’m beginner in Picard, but why make MB Picard, with Lookup and Search in web function, a result with Tag for a collection when would it be better to indicate in which album, for the first time, the song was released?

Song was released for the first time in album Room Service in 2001.
Thank you for your help.

If you ues Lookup it will take the info that is already there and give you a match that has all the same info it does not know or care what album the song may have been on first as long as the info matches it is happy. How it chooses between albums that have all the same info will depend on your settings. If you what a USA release only or fist then it will choose it if all info you have matches the album. there are other variables but Lookup is more if you just want it to find something and don’t care what album it choses. Search in web function is more so you can see if there are albums that it is not showing you when you ask it to look up a similar song / cluster. does this help? I’m sure someone can go more in depth if you want. and if the album is not on mb you should add it don’t wait for someone else to add it or it may never happen :slight_smile:


Picard is biased to search for an album with a full set of tracks, but if you are not wanting to know the actual album matches, you can go and tweak settings in Picard Options.


In here you can push the sliders around to bias the matches. So push COMPILATION to the far left and push SINGLE \ EP to far right, and push ALBUM most of the way to the right.

Maybe also select countries to.

That will then help bias the track matches closer to what you are wanting to see.


OMG thank you, I haven’t opened the menu Metadata, it was close and I have it not setted :expressionless: :laughing: :laughing: