Collection not seen unless it is a particular type ...?

Hi Folks,

I am slowly learning my way around entering records for CDs. I’m sure this will go faster once I get used to things …

Oddly, though, I’m trying to add the recording I just entered to my (one and only!) collection, which is of type ‘Owned Music’, and the interface claims I have no collections (this is when I go to and look on the right hand side).

How do I get my collections ‘seen’ so I can add items to them?



Collections only can hold one type of entities; either releases, or release groups, or artists, etc. Your collection is a release collection, so you can only add individual releases such as; not release groups.

The message you see is a bit unclear. It doesn’t mean you don’t have any collections at all; instead it means that you don’t have collections of the relevant type (release group, in that case).


hi Glenn, you have “open edits” here so that might be why it does not show up yet on your page! When things have an orange background like Mythes Etoiles has, it means that the edits are not approved yet. I gave you some “yes” votes and the votes mean, that your edits can get sooner be applied and show up! Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks to you both for the clarifications … /G