Collaborate - person on person

In “relationships”, I have the ability to add “collaborated on”.
But it is not to be used for person to person? i.e. John collaborated on Phil.
I do not see an option for “collaborated with”.

How do I add this relationship?

And before you ask, it actually involves multiple collaborating relationships, not any one specific item that I could give you.
But, a couple examples would be…
John collaborated with Phil on commercials.
John collaborated with Phil on Phil’s variety show - arranging song and dance routines, but not as an arranger.
John worked with Phil - but I don’t have a specific job, but I know he wasn’t a member or writer.

No, this is for “X and Y collaborated on Project Z”. In general, for other things, we’d mostly expect to just add relationship to whatever he did - “worked with X” seems a bit too vague to be useful. We do have a person-on-person “supporting musician” relationship, but that’s specifically for backing musicians and whatnot for a solo artist, not for these kinds of tasks. Is this a common thing? Would other people (aka, dear readers) be interested in such a relationship?

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makes sense. but if all you know is “they collaborated”, would you feel comfortable giving them a specific writer or arranger credit?

I would probably personally just note it in the Artist annotation(s) that they’re known to work with each other, if you can’t add specific ARs at this point.

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