Cleanup request

It doesn’t look like much, but I am looking at it and just feeling like it is too much work for me to do.

These bands share the same name (The Rockets). And, of course, some of their releases are attributed to the wrong bands. And there are variations of band names (one also used The Four Rockets), change of band names based on genre (The Trumpeteers), and the bands backed other artists (such as Bill Bowen & The Rockets)

This all started by a search of “The Rockets” because of some additions I was making to Johnny Badanjek.
We need to focus on these two -

One of them is also listed as

I honestly don’t know if those two bands are two, three, or four different acts. Which is why I come here to have someone else do it.


Working on it. I’ve submitted a few changes already.


Thank you. It’s appreciated.
I voted on some and left notes on some.

I have already seen that you did more work than I was intending – it appears that those 2 groups are even more than the 4 I speculated.

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Thanks for raising the issue. Sorting out artists with similar or identical names makes other people’s work easier.