Cleaning up ISRCs and AcoustIDs after incorrect merge of Disturbed - The Sickness recordings

A long time ago, 3 sets of recordings (explicit, clean, instrumental) were accidentally merged into a single set. I’ve undone the merge now as best as possible, but one issue remains: all ISRCs and AcoustIDs were merged into one of the sets, and I do not have the required information to fix this.

If anybody has ISRCs for The Sickness (clean) or The Sickness (instrumental), could they add them, and make sure they haven’t been added to the explicit versions in The Sickness (explicit)? Do note that the explicit and clean releases share some recordings.

I have no idea how to address the AcoustID issue.

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I have asked the ISRC submitters.
It’s always good to say, in Add ISRCs edit notes, what release it is for and where the data comes from.


From the answers I got so far, it seems we have ISRC coming from two labels, RE1 (must be REPRISE RECORDS) and GI1 (must be GIANT RECORDS).

Track original / explicit censored / clean instrumental
VOICES USRE10902081, USGI19900179 USGI10000004
THE GAME USRE10902082, USGI19900174 USGI10000003
STUPIFY USRE10902083, USGI19900175 USGI10000067
DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS USRE10902084, USGI19900180 USGI10000005
VIOLENCE FETISH USRE10902085, USGI10000049 USGI10000049
FEAR USRE10902086, USGI19900181 USGI19900185
NUMB USRE10902087, USGI10000050 USGI10000050
WANT USRE10902088, USGI10000051 USGI10000051
CONFLICT USRE10902089, USGI10000052 USGI10000052
SHOUT 2000 USRE10902090, USGI19900113 USGI19900113
DROPPIN’ PLATES USRE10902091, USGI10000053 USGI10000255
MEANING OF LIFE USRE10902092, USGI10000054 USGI10000256

In bold the recordings that don’t apparently require an explicit/clean split (that’s already the case, correctly).

I have queued some fixes and we could deduce the instrumental ISRC as the remaining ones… It seems there are no ISRC left for instrumental recordings.
Let’s wait a little bit more that the edits apply…

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It would be great if as part of a merge being completed, an edit note could be generated, detailing exactly which pieces of data are being added, and which source entity they’re from (as actual data, not the grey “this entity no longer exists” links). That should be enough to be able to manually unmerge in cases like this.