Classical release fix/correction needed

If a classical expert here and/or auto-editor could fix this release I have just added it would be appreciated:

I have added the wrong ACs, knowingly, so I do not create extra artists or anything that make it harder for you to fix. I have placed all ACs under the album release artist, and placed the information I believe you will want and need in ( ) after the track names. I was not sure how else to add the release without making too much of a mess, so I hope this is ok.

Feel free to just do it, I need not be involved.

I’ve made a few changes here with the help of this review but I can’t tell if, for example, the orchestra is in all tracks (I assume the choir isn’t). Do you have more info on that?

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I do not, I can listen to all the recordings to pay attention, if you are asking me if there is an orchestra present in all the recordings, or to identify which have and do not have orchestra? But if you would want me to identify between different orchestra, that I could not. I have this as a FLAC, so I do not have the cover and booklet pieces to look at as reference which would be ideal. Also, I have read prior the same page you referenced, but I will search for more data.

This one was strange too, as there is James Morgan (husband), Juliette Pochin (wife), Morgan Pochin Music Productions (their “label”) and then also reference as Morgan Pochin (husband and wife team). So there is a Morgan Pochin artist AND label. Jeeesh…

Basically, just whether anything does not have an orchestra.

orchestra: all
solo vocal: all
choir: 9 only

If anyone has the CD of this release (vs the recent Spotify and FLAC release) some help could be used for track number 8, Salve Regina. Rather than retyping all the detail, there is annotation on the release fully explaining the issue. Summary, an AcoustID is needed for the recording at its full 3:55 duration.

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Thanks! Added that too :slight_smile:

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Sure. Thank you for the assistance on the release. I know others spend a lot of time fine tuning classical releases, so wanted to make sure it gets in properly.

Also, please see that I have added another version of the release, the digital one. I cannot fully explain the issue there, but track 8 is approx 30 seconds short.

Thanks for the comment on the date application to the § rights. As you know I am sure, I am new to adding data to those fields. Any explanation of things, like you did for the dates vs just stating the guideline, would be appreciated. It really does help to know the why in some cases to make sure correct things are entered. I am looking at the copyrights selections as well as the entities involved in marketing, manufacturing, distributing, etc… basically anything that is not the “release label” as defined on the MB release screen.