Classical Music Help

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From Classical Music FAQ (

If you really want to follow the spec, the following tagger script snippet should work:
$copymerge(artist,$performer(pattern="(?!orchestra)", join=", “))
$copymerge(albumartist,$performer(pattern=“orchestra”,join=”, "))

(Yes, the tag that the ID3 spec says should be the “Band/Orchestra/Accompaniment” frame is generally used by players for the album artist)

I’m trying to use this script to follow the spec but I’m not sure where should it be placed. Can anyone point me to the right direction?

It would be great if this was a selectable option in Picard affecting only classical music.

The script goes in the options->scripting section. See for details.
I haven’t tested it to see if it works, but whether it produces the desired results may depend on your player.
If you need a more comprehensive set of options for classical music (without having to write any scripts), you can try my Classical Extras plugin (see, but please read the included readme before using it.

Thanks for your answer. I will check it out.