Classical Extras plugin (for Picard 1.4.x)

A new version of Classical Extras is now available. This incorporates a significant number of enhancements and will be the last beta version before the next full release.
Enhancements include

  • Ability to use aliases of work names instead of the MusicBrainz standard names.
  • Various options to use aliases and as-credited names for performers and work-artists (i.e. work relationship artists).
  • Option to use recording artists as well as (or instead of) track artists.
  • All work relationship artists are now tagged for all work levels (with some special processing for lyricists).
  • New UI layout to separate tag mapping from artist options.
  • Option to split lyrics into common (release) and unique (track) components.

There has also been a good deal of code-tidying and bug fixing, so I hope it is reasonably robust. You can download the zip file for installation here:
Please read the readme at before use and in case of difficulty, but otherwise post any issues in this discussion.