Classical Extras 2.0

This release has Carlo Maria Giulini credited as conductor.

But CE strips his first names and only displays his last name:

I’ve done some experimenting, but I can’t get the plugin displaying his full name.
(it is displayed in full in ‘artists’ though)

A bug? Or a problem between monitor and chair?

That’s because he is credited as “Giuliani” in the release artist credits and the options on the artists tab say to use “credited as” names for performing artists. If you don’t want this, then you will need to deselect those options and restart Picard as the names will be cached.
See the “Work-artist/performer naming options” section of the readme for full details.

EDIT: Or you could just deselect “Use for performing artists” - then no need to restart.

Credited as Giulini?

At first I didn’t see that anywhere on MusicBrainz’ release page.
That’s why I thought that CE was doing some sorting-stripping.
But after logging in and going into editing mode I see you are right!

I’m sorry to have bothered you.
Should I have been able to see this ‘credited as’ entry myself earlier somewhere, without the need to log-in and going into editing?

Listed at the top of the “overview” page

You’re probably not referring to this “overview” page?

I can’t find “Giulini” anywhere besides when go into editing mode for the recording.

scratch that, the release I originally used has a “Giulini” in the "release by’ line.

Still it’s a very obscure way to find out if there are maybe differences between artists names and ‘credited as’ names.

But that’s not for this thread.
Thanks again.

Aha - well you had just linked to the recording, so I guessed the release as this one -
If I load the one in your picture, then the conductor is Carlo Maria Giulini, even with the “credited-as” checked.
OK - so now you see it

New version of Classical Extras (2.0.2) is now available here. This should form the basis of a PR for inclusion in the “official” plugins. (Note that the Readme still needs some updates to reflect new tab designs).
Please let me know of any bugs.

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My C: drive was loosing a lot of free space without me understanding why.
After some investigation I found out that the CE plugin folder has been vastly growing (with log files):


I must admit that I have been running an enormous amount of releases lately, but still…
Maybe there could be a warning/explanation about this, and perhaps a feature in the plugin’s interface to easily clear the contents of that folder so to free up space again?

This is with 2.0.1
I only now noticed 2.0.2 is out, so perhaps that behaves differently in this regard?

You’re probably aware, but all weblinks on the help page are defunct.
(readme, website and github)

The default is to have only basic logging - just one file which is overwritten each time. There should only ever be one log file per release, even if you have full logging turned on. Much better to run with just basic logging as it is quite a bit faster.

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Ah yes, that’s better. I must have set it in my experimenting days.

Thanks for that. I keep forgetting to update it - that’s one reason why it is now substantially reduced. FWIW, the correct links are website and github/readme
I’m inclined just to link to the website in the future, to reduce this problem. Once it gets merged then I might add more (depending on what gets decided about plugin hosting generally).

The improvements are noticeable and appreciated.
A couple of my releases used to consistently crash Picard when CE was enabled, but they all get processed flawlessly now.
Thanks again.

I found one release that doesn’t get through when CE is enabled:

The countdown number besides the green arrow at the bottom goes all the way down to 1, but then gets stuck and keeps alternating between 2 and 1.

Please don’t invest much time in this in case it runs fine with your setup.
It’s the only release that poses a problem at the moment and it could well be a result of me messing with all sorts of settings in both Picard and CE.

Loaded OK on my machine (W10)

Hi, first of all: thanks for the CE plug-in, it’s marvelous :slight_smile:
However, like the previous poster I encountered a MB release which does not work well with CE:

As long as I disable the ‘Works and parts’ tab it will load fine, but as soon as this tab is enabled (by ticking the ‘Include all work levels’ box), I can’t even use the ‘tagger’ option from the Musicbrainz website. Picard will show a countdown of pending requests, going down to 1 after which the CPU load will go to 100% (one core, luckily) and Picard will basically ‘hang’.

some extra information:

  • OS: MacOS
  • CE version: 2.0.3 (according to the plugins page)
  • Picard version: 2.1

I’ll look into it when I get a moment. Unfortunately, my head is full of PHP at the moment, which is not conducive to debugging Python :wink:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @JDuinkerken. I’ve finally got round to looking at this, now that I’ve completed my PHP project. I’ve found the cause and think I have a fix. I’m just completing testing the fix, but want to fix a couple of other minor things at the same time before I release - hopefully fairly soon now!

Hi @JDuinkerken, I have fixed this (hopefully). The new version is at It would be great if you could check that vs your problem release(s) before I do a pull request for it, thanks.

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