Checkboxes to activate/deactivate a plugin don't work?


I am trying out how to use some plugins in Picard.
To see the effects, I thought I would be able to activate, or deactivate an installed plugin by means of the checkboxes that are in front of the plugins names.

But those checkboxes don’t seem to have a function in this regard at all?
Is it not possible to deactivate an installed plugin?

(And please rename the ‘Make It So!’ button in ‘options’ to ‘Apply’.
I think it’s a bit silly)


Hello there! I believe the bug with disabling/enabling plugins is just visual, could you re-check that? I reported the issue in

As for ‘Make It So!’, as far as I know it’s a reference to a quote from Star Trek by Patrick Stewart’s character Jean-Luc Picard, who I believe inspired devs to choose ‘Picard’ as a name for their tagger. The button text was replaced fairly recently:


Thanks culinko,
So you are confirming the checkboxes are there to enable/disable plugins.
I will see if I can find out if plugins get en/disabled somehow, but irrespective of that, now you’ve shown the ticket for reporting the issue quite a while back already it’s a pity nothing has been done about it

And also thanks for clarifying the quirky button.
I missed that insider reference joke.

yes, even though they don’t give the correct indication, the checkboxes seem to do something


it’s a pity nothing has been done about it

Despite that, Picard has been experiencing a ton of development recently. However more important issues had to be taken care of first, most importantly porting Picard to Python 3 and PyQt5. If you fancy a read, you should check out a blog from our relatively new but fantastic dev @samj1912 here: :wink:


Thanks. That’s good info.
To be honest, after a period of absence, I was a bit disappointed to see little or no changes in some area’s I had noticed that could be improved on before.
I now see I underestimated the work that is going on behind the screens.
Hopefully all that hard work will show up for the end-users before long.