Charlie Parker: new RG or not?

I have two CDs, “Bird/The Savoy Recordings (Master Takes) Vol. 1” and Vol. 2. They were separate US releases, on Savoy Jazz, probably in the 80s, 14 and 16 tracks respectively. (This discogs entry is virtually identical to my vol. 1, except mine isn’t a record club edition.)

Using Picard ‘Scan’, 29 of 30 match to the Bird: The Savoy Recordings (Master Takes), a 2005 release from Columbia Japan. (The 30th, “Half Nelson”, seems like a very near match by fingerprint as well.)

Would it be better to create two new release groups, one for each of my CDs? Or add them as separate releases under the existing release group even though each one is only half of the existing release?

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The separate discs should be separate release groups. The style guideline doesn’t specifically mention this case, but it is similar enough to “A release which combines releases from several other release groups into one new release”.


Doesn’t surprise me you are getting matches like that on a different titled release. An Artist like Charlie Bird will have the same identical recordings constantly repackaged and resold as “new” albums when they are often identical to something else in the past.

By adding the New Release Group here for your two CDs it will help sift them apart.

Yes, the unusual thing about this was that the exact same track selection and ordering appears on both. Usually there’s more mix-and-match between the repackagings.

I’ll create new RGs. Thanks to you both.