Changing to a new Default Script Editor

I am a new user to Picard but it seemed simple enough to use. However, I was wondering how to change the naming script from one to another and then force the new script onto an album? The default naming script I used worked fine for music but for audiobooks it made the title really long and the name is way far on the right now. Is there any way to undo the default script and replace it with the other one?

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First off, welcome to the Community Forum. As for your question, the short answer is “yes”. :smile:

The steps to take would be something like:

  1. Open the File Naming Script Editor by selecting Options > Open file naming script editor… from the main screen menu. This will open the currently selected file naming script in the editor. From here you can also select a different script to use.

  2. If you’ve already created the new script, then you can simply select it from the pull down list, and close the editor by clicking the Make It So! button.

  3. If your new script doesn’t yet exist, you can create it by selecting either Script > Add a new script to create a new empty script, or Script > Copy the current script to create a copy of the current script which you can edit. Modify the script so that it gives you the desired output, give it a title that identifies it, and click the Make It So! button to save your changes and make that your current script.

Once you have the script saved, you can quickly switch between scripts by selecting the desired script from the list displayed when you select Options > Select file naming script from the main screen menu.

For information on developing your own scripts see the Scripting section of the Picard User Guide. If you have any questions, here is as good a place as any to ask.


Thank you for the nice welcome, this really is a wonderful community!
I did try your fix and I just have one final question. When at the main screen and selecting Options > Select file naming script the Title does not change in the New Value section. Is there a “make it so” or “engage” command I need to give to tell the script?

If I understand you correctly, then the answer is because the Original Value and New Value columns show the content of the metadata tags for the files, whereas the file naming script only deals with how the files are named on the user’s file system. File naming scripts do not change the metadata tag values, but only use the values to create the target path and file names.

To change the actual value of the tags, you need a tagging script. This is explained a bit in the Scripts page in the Extending Picard section of the documentation. These are managed in the Scripting page when you open Options > Options… from the main menu.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, can you please include a bit more information and perhaps a screen shot showing the issue? Thanks.


Nope you nailed it right on the head, I watched three tutorials on this and never picked up how you explained it. Thank you! I will get to work researching and scripting this out. Thank you for the warm welcome!


If you run into any problems with the scripting or have any questions, we’re here to help.

On a related note, which tutorials did you watch that didn’t explain things clearly? The reason I ask is because I think @aerozol has been working on some Picard instruction videos and the feedback might be helpful. Thanks.

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