Changing release group

I have two releases in one release group. But only one is correctly assigned. How can I change the release group for the other?

Here is the release group:

The promo release is completly different (it includes only some tracks) of the released album. The album release includes the tracks of the promo EPs “Amerika Evropa” and "My Girlfriend Went to Maroc.

Isn’t that the point of release groups? It covers all related releases.
Sometimes an EP or promotional release varies in tracklists or has re-recorded versions of the same songs.

Years ago, the “pilot” episode of a tv show would often contain a different cast than episode 2. Because the execs would say “we’ll buy the show, but we need to change this guy and we need to limit it to 4 characters not 5.”

I’m not seeing anything that would make me think the two releases should be separate ~~ although, there are some “open” edits that may make a difference once they go through.

I don’t know if the two promo releases are realy for promotion. But there are three different releases:

Release called “A” with 5 tracks
Release called “B” with 5 tracks
Release called “A” with 12 tracks (including first A and B and 2 additional songs)

If I had created the entry in order of release date I started with 5-tracks-“A”. That became automatically it release group.

Than 2 years later release “B” is out. But “A” and “B” can’t be in the same release group. They have nothing to do with each other. So release group two is added.

3 years later 12-tracks-“A” ist out. That release must have also its own group. The others doesnt fit. OK proberly the 5-Track-“A” but I don’t think so. The 5-Track-“A” was it’s own.

I think I need 3 different release groups.


You do, if that is the situation.

You’d have to edit the release and change the release group from the “Release Group” field there.

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Ouh wtf. I haven’t seen that^^ Thanks