Changing a release of format "(unknown)" to vinyl not possible

I tried to change the format of a release from “(unknown)” to “12” Vinyl" and got this error message: “This medium has a disc ID, pregap track, or data track, so you can only change the format to one that can have disc IDs.” How can I deal with this situation? It’s this release.

In the meantime, I have found a way: I have created two new media and deleted the previous medium (which caused the error).

It’s probably because there is a Disc ID attached, and vinyls don’t have Disc IDs.


My suspicion is that the creation of this release was based on a CD. Am I right with this assumption?


In this case, it would have been necessary to delete the disc ID. How does it work?

There should be two release here. Somehow they are merged into one and causing the confusion.

Look at Discogs and they list multiple editions.

A CD version exists which would then have the discID attached to it. Don’t delete the discID as that clearly exists somewhere for someone.

A SEPARATE vinyl edition should be created without a discID.

Some how you now have one release there with TWO Vinyl and ONE CD attached. Whoops.

So… clone it. Make TWO identiacl releases. And then chop the CD medium out of one. And chop the Vinyl out of the other. In the end you should have ONE vinyl and ONE CD.

Shout if you need specific help and I’ll wade in and point and bits to click \ change \ manipulate.

Edit: It gets funny if you look back at the edit history as you are not the first one confused by this. Initially a CD was uploaded, but the text started to describe the vinyl. Too much is being piled into this one Release when it should be two or three different releases.

What do you have in hands? The vinyl?


Okay… I have looked closer in detail. No need to make a new cloned release, just move the discID. Then you can cancel your raft of slightly confused edits. (Check the edit history for the release)

As there already IS an 11 track CD listed in the release group, here is the next step. You MOVE the discID from medium 2 of the release over to the 11 track CD that is also in the release group.

Step 1 - go to the discID on your Vinyl release.
Step 2 - click the MOVE option that you see next to the discID
Step 3 - type “volle lotte!” in the search
Step 4 - select the CD1 of the 11track version

Now the discID is on the CD edition and you an finish your deletes and tidy ups of the vinyl.


I’ll leave my other steps here for the fixes you need.

After MOVING the discID as explained above… it is time to untangle the attempted fixes you tried to make. I think it is easiest now to CANCEL all those edits and leave only the artwork uploads.

You managed to confuse yourself more as you are putting in one edit to make extra mediums and then more edits to remove them again. So keep it simple. Cancel all of those edits (except the artwork)

Once they are all cancelled, you will be back to the original (medium1) with 11 tracks. In my previous post I explained how to MOVE that discID. This will now mean you can finally do what you attempted at the start. Set the (unknown) medium to (12" vinyl). This will now work as there is now no discID.

And from there you are then back on track… :slight_smile:


Thank you for your support! You helped me a lot with that. I followed your suggestions and now things look like they should be.

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I was a bit confused at times. Of course, creating two new media was nonsense. So far I have rarely dealt with vinyls. Through this case, I learned a lot, especially how to move disc IDs.


Great that you managed to solve it. I find I always learn a lot more when untangling a mess I’ve made. :smiley: