"Céline Dion" vs. "Celine Dion"

The correct name of Céline Dion is with e-acute.
She used the variant with ‘é’ in her early days (in the 1980’s) at her albums.
Starting from the 1990’s she used just “Celine Dion”, with a ordinary ‘e’.
Also on her website the ordinary ‘e’ is used.

In MusicBrainz.org the artist Céline Dion and (nearly) all her albums are credited with ‘é’.
For me this doesn’t comply with the guidelines of MusicBrainz.

Strictly following the rules the artist name in MusicBrainz.org should be changed to the variant with ‘e’ and album credits (starting with the 1990’s) should be changed.
I’m sure, this will to pass the voting process.

[Corr.: Célin/Celin to Céline/Celine]

even so Céline is her proper name so the’ should stay


i dont think any one will get upset if you use Céline Dion people are more likely to be upset if you use Celine Dion but you can use either as Celine Dion is an alise.

Proper is always preferred after all you wouldn’t want Pokémon mispronounced would you


It’s always Céline/Celine, never Celin, as quoted above. And her website has both french and english views, with the french view using the accent: https://celinedioncom-ca.paas-p.smehost.net/fr/accueil/
So it’s not as evident (évident) as @NeroA puts it. I’d say that the artist name “Céline” with the accent is perfectly ok with our guidelines. Continuing of course to use artist credit for releases/recordings omitting the acute accent.

And then the wikipedia entries in all (latin script) languages, with the exception of english, use systematically the accent


I would not even omit accentuated characters with AC.
I would always use Céline even if this or that edition does not show it.
I take this omission as a limitation, like in this one where it’s celine without accent and without capital.
It is AC set as Celine, but it should have been celine if we really would like to follow the cover.
I would put it as Céline, again.

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My mistake! Of course, it’s always Céline/Celine!
I’ve fixed the text in the topic. [The title was correct at all.]

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OK, it seems she uses Céline for French releases/countries (or for many non-English speaking countries) and Celine for English releases/countries.

There are sometimes English and French releases at one. E.g. Céline : La tournée mondiale Taking Chances – Le spectacle and Celine: Taking Chances World Tour – The Concert. Note: The releases differ in tracks!
Or for D’Eux: The original release used Céline, the 15th anniversary edition (incl. the Édition 15ème Anniversaire) uses Celine on the cover.

Both version of the name are still in use.
If I would create a release of her in MusicBrainz, I would use the style of the cover (spine, CD, etc.) as “credited as” but I will not change existing releases (even if I think they are credited wrong).


Based on the discussion here, I added the two variations as aliases:



Well, I’m not very happy with “Primary”-aliases at all, because they can cause unwanted (automatic) translations in Picard.

The automatic translation in Picard is a useful feature and for me it’s essential for non-Latin languages/writing systems (Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic, etc.), because I’m not able to read them.
On the other side, they often cause strange translations.
E.g. with “Celine Dion (primary for English)” and activated translation to English you will always get a normal ‘e’ (with activated translation to English), even if the/your release has e-acute.

BTW: It would be fine to have a more sophisticated translation option in Picard, like translate non-Latin languages only.