CD shows as not found by EAC with MB plugin, but tag exists in MB when opened from Picard

EAC with the MB plugin shows “No CD information found”, but when I use Picard to lookup the CD it finds the release, and if I attempt to attach the TOC, it shows “This CDTOC is already attached to this medium.”.

What is required to help debug this?

A link to the release would be a good start. Usually I find EAC picks up the CDs fairly quick. I know in my own tagging I’ll often have a unique CD that I submit a new discID with Picard, and a few minutes later EAC can already locate it.

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Apologies, I should have thought of that

When I lookup the CD in Picard, open the CD in Picard, and then lookup in browser, it goes to

I’m going to take a slightly sideways guess. I wonder if it is because of this unusual release with 56 CDs?

Your two CDs will also match to that release. That could be confusing the EAC plugin due to so many CDs in that Release?

You may just have to let EAC rip as track 1,2,3 and then use Picard to rename the files. (see menu \ Options \ Rename Files )

Set EAC to use cuetools instead, I sometimes have run into issues with getting MB to respond with a discid that I had uploaded and was there.

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@IvanDobsky aha, two CDs with the same diskid, possibluy because DG use the same CD, just package with “many” others.

@dashv yes, I was able to rip using one of the other lookups

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I did not mean that as that is pretty common. You’d get a pop-up dialog box asking to make a choice.

My theory is more based around not expecting a 56 CD boxset upsetting the plugin in some way.